Video shooting

Ability to record any type of video, such as commercials, music videos, sports videos, events, short films, etc.

I have worked with Canon 5D Mark IV, Black Magic Cinema Camera, RED Scarlet, cranes, travellings, professional audio equipment, etc.


I am a Steadicam Operator certified by Tiffen.


Ability to work as a photographer in any field: weddings, events, portrait, fashion, etc. 

I work with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.


I have directed commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films. I love to coordinate large groups of people and be responsible for everything to work properly. I love challenges and complex productions.


I enjoy working with the actors and improving their characters.


I want to specialize in direction.


I work with the following softwares:

  • Video: Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects.
  • Color: DaVinci Resolve
  • Photography: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture.
  • Audio and music: Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro.