Video Projects

Mort de faim - Short film

Director - Writer




"Mort de faim", a short film written and directed by me. It is dedicated to all those who have been called "Mort de faim".

Teràpia? Jo? - Musical

Director - Shooting - Postproduction




Musical made for the "Festa Major de Premià de Mar 2018".

Descoloca - Music Video




Music Video for the group Lokito Lopongo. Shot in the set of SAE Institute with Gerard Lázaro. Starring Arnau Moreno and Judit Ferrer.

Moros a la costa - Teaser




Sant Pere de Premià, a quiet village on the Catalan coast is celebrating, its inhabitants enjoy a summer night until it is interrupted by the alert of an imminent pirate attack. The village will have to organize itself to face them.


50/50 - Event

Director - Shooting - Postproduction



Event organized by the Music Business students of SAE Institute Barcelona. The successful event took place in "Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm" on April 5th. This video was shot with Eva Dominguez.


Alba Alsina - EPK

Director - Shooting - Postproduction


Electronic Press Kit made for Alba Alsina, saxophonist from Girona.

SAE Freshers - Event

Shooting - Postproduction


On the occasion of the start of the new promotions in September 2019, SAE Institute Barcelona organized a welcome conference for its new students.


During these days the new students were able to get to know the Staff of SAE Institute Barcelona and what their academic life will be like during the time they spend studying with us.

Crida Premianenca - Event

Shooting - Postproduction



Event video made for a local political party called Crida Premianenca. At this event, the 60 people on the candidate list for the municipal elections were presented.


Hi som per organitzar - Commercial

Director - Shooting - Postproduction





This commercials talks about the hard work of the volunteers and announces the "Festa Major 2018" dates. 

Malévola - Music Video

Director - Shooting - Postproduction


Music video made for Pol Nadal (aka KONOR), a young artist who sings Rap music. 

Inerte - Music Video

Director - Shooting - Postproduction


Music video made for Pol Nadal (aka KONOR), a young artist who sings Rap music. 

Sergio George - Interview

Shooting - Postproduction



I interviewed the american producer before the masterclass that he offered at SAE Institute Barcelona.


Sergio George is one of the most outstanding musical producers of the Latin American music industry in the United States, has worked and managed the careers of artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Thalia, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente or Maluma, to name a few.


Throughout his career he has won sixteen Grammy awards.


SAE Institute LAN Party - Event

Shooting - Postproduction



SAE Institute Barcelona event that took place in Meltdown Barcelona. The event was divided into two parts: an SAE Session and an Overwatch video game tournament.


For the SAE Session we had Raquel Arellano, teacher of the Art Program for videogames. The session was theoretical and practical and focused on character design following the Overwatch style.

Javier Quesada - Interview

Shooting - Postproduction



Javier was a student of SAE Institute Barcelona, who has participated in the award-winning film Roma. Video shot with 2 Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro.


Beatmaking with Sr. Chen - Masterclass

Shooting - Postproduction



Beatmaking SAE Session taught by Sr. Chen at SAE Insitute Barcelona. He spoke about sampling and synthesis applied to urban genre. From construction of rhythms and grooves to the creation of sounds, using tools from Ableton Live, serum and the Spectrasonics suite. 

Orquesta sin tambor - Music Video

Co-director - Camera operator.


Music Video for the group Lokito Lopongo. Shot in Lleida with Gerard Lázaro.  

Mobles Núria - Spot

Co-director - Shooting - Postproduction


Commercial for Mobles Núria. Shot in Santa Coloma de Gramenet with Bea Tomás. Starring Oriol Rafel and Jordi París.

Sweet Plaisir - Commercial

Director - Shooting - Postproduction



Commercial for Sweet Plaisir, pastry business directed by Alba Gil. 

What Image - Commercial

Director - Shooting - Postproduction



Commercial for What Image. Shot on RED Scarlet.

Más allá de Lokito - Tiny Documentary

Co-director - Camera Operator


Tiny documentary for Lokito Lopongo shot in Bilbao.

Cars for Smiles - Event

Camera operator


Cars for Smiles is an international non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life of children and young people who suffer from any illness or difficult condition, through exciting events related to the world of super cars and Motorsport.

Cars for Smiles is formed by a multidisciplinary team of volunteers of different nationalities, of which I was part as camera operator.


Bcn Kitchen - Commercial

Camera operator - Lighting crew



Commercial for Bcn Kitchen, a cooking school from Barcelona. This commercial is directed by Nacho Gomez.  

All right, Ok, You Win! - Music Video

Director - Shooting - Postproduction



Shooting for the group "Drop Collective" at Groove Factory Studios.

Presentació de la festa major 2016 - Event

Director - Camera Operator - Postproduction



Being a member of the "Comissió de Festes de Premià de Mar" and the person in charge of the audiovisual content, my job is to record all the acts that we organize. In 2016, on the occasion of the Annual Presentation of the Festival, a musical was organized. This video is shot by my brother Pol Nadal and me.

I fall in love too easily - Music Video

Director - Shooting - Postproduction



Shooting for the group "Drop Collective" at Groove Factory Studios.

Ruth Jove's Cover - Musical Video

Camera Operator


"Look what you made me do" cover by Ruth Jové.

Albert Domènech - Interview

Shooting - Postproduction


Interview shot at SAE Barcelona. Albert Domènech is the director of a festival called Tupper. 

Active Development at Biz Barcelona - Conference

Director - Shooting - Postproduction


Conference made by Jordi Pla: SMEs, innovate or die, first steps to innovate effectively. This video was shot at Biz Barcelona

Inolvidable - Documentary

Co-director - Camera Operator - Postproduction


Documentary made with Bea Tomás and Mauricio Weppert. We can see the story and the situation of an unknown issue in this family: the disease of the main character.

Primavera Pro - Conferences

Director - Postproduction